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Dismantling Evolution

by Ralph O. Muncaster, Harvest House Publishers, © 2003,
$5.65 (paperback), 255 pages, ISBN-13: 978-0736904643

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Ralph Muncaster uses his engineering background to explain the problems with modern evolutionary theory. For example, an engineer designing a bridge must be careful to build a foundation that includes materials, properties, structure design, a carefully constructed foundation, and a provision for whatever change may come to the bridge's location. He applies that to evolution, pointing out that it fails at fundamental facts and logical design, making it scientifically unacceptable.

Muncaster is a graduate of the University of Colorado and holds a B.S. in engineering and an MBA. He writes from an engineer's viewpoint and lets scientists explain their discoveries. He documents the book with eleven pages of notes and a bibliography of 36 books. Appendix B of the book is titled “How Old Are the Earth and the Universe?” Muncaster accepts scientific evidence of very ancient times for the creation and for life on Earth. He shows the errors in creationist explanations using flood geology, baby dinosaurs on Noah's ark, and young-earth theology.

The book's primary thrust is that neo-Darwinism is not supported by factual data in the fossil record and that statistics make evolutionary models impossible. Muncaster presents the alternatives of Intelligent Design and Information Theory. The book is endorsed by Michael Behe and William Dembski, scientists who have been instrumental in showing that evolution in its present form is inconsistent with the evidence. Muncaster contends that evolution is not a valid scientific explanation of the origin of all living things. We highly recommend this book.