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Seven Days That Divide the World

by Dr. John Lennox, Zondervan, © 2011, 192 pages, (Kindle) $9.99, (hardcover) $16.99, A[mazon]SIN 0310492173

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John Lennox is a Professor of Mathematics at the University of Oxford. In this book, he explores the language of the Bible and does a marvelous job of showing the erroneous beliefs of past giants of science and theology. Chapter one discusses the debate over whether Earth is fixed in space, with Aristotle saying it is fixed and Copernicus saying the Earth moves. However, the Catholic church, Martin Luther, and John Calvin rejected the heliocentric theory and vigorously defended the Earth as fixed.

Lennox presents proof that the Bible does not say the Earth is fixed. He has an excellent discussion of the use of metaphors in the Bible and everyday speech. Those who say that science deals with reality and religion with fantasy will find in this book devastating proof that is not the case.

Lennox discusses the question of the Earth's age from a theological rather than a scientific viewpoint, examining the word “day” and the message of the creation week. Lennox discusses human beings as a special creation of God and has a chapter on the message of Genesis 1. Again, the discussion is from a biblical and theological standpoint, focusing on the linguistic difficulties in describing God's activity. This book presents a unique, scholarly approach to the Bible and its description of God's creative action. Five appendices deal with evolution and popular views of Genesis.

We recommend this book to college students and theologians. It is a positive academic discussion of the biblical account with respect for God’s Word and a good understanding of science.