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Nobel title

Article about Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, a founder of infinitesimal calculus.

Galileo Galilei portrait from Italian money

“If I didn't believe that I had a God who was solid and dependable, a God who makes no mistakes, I couldn't continue what I am doing. I need that certainty to assure me that what I am doing is the right thing, and I need it in my day-to-day existence with all the problems that I personally face. I would have a great deal of trouble with them if I didn't have complete faith in Jesus Christ. I think that the hallmark of my existence is the integration of my surgical life with my Christian faith.”

“The fact that God is in control of this universe, as fallen as culture and civilization are, gives me a reason to go on. I never operate without having a subconscious feeling that there's no way this extraordinarily complicated mechanism known as the human body just happened to come up from slime and ooze somewhere. When I make an incision with my scalpel, I see organs of such intricacy that there simply hasn't been enough time for natural evolutionary processes to have developed them.”

“The other thing I would say is that the various abilities that I think I might have in surgery or decision-making processes are gifts from God. In the long run, I hold these in stewardship, and I am responsible to Him for the way I use them. For that reason, I try to integrate what I do in my professional life with what I believe in my Christian life so that I don't live those two parts of my life in separate compartments.”

Source: Scientists Who Believe: 21 Tell Their Own Stories, Moody Press, 1984

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