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Nobel title

Article about Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, a founder of infinitesimal calculus.

Gottfried Leibniz old engraved portrait and signature.

“It seems to me that when confronted with the marvels of life and the universe, one must ask why and not just how. The only possible answers are religious.” “I find a need for God in the universe and in my own life.” “For me that means … Christianity, to which I was introduced as a child and which has withstood the tests of a lifetime.

But the context of religion is a great background for doing science. In the words of Psalm 19 ‘The heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament showeth his handiwork.’ Thus scientific research is a worshipful act, in that it reveals more of the wonders of God’s creation.”

Source: www.nobelists.net

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