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The title of this article is Intolerant Secularist. The scene is a young business man raising fist while shouting with anger.

From childhood, I have been taught to be respectful and kind to those who are different and to be tolerant of those whose religious beliefs are different from mine. Being “tolerant” meant do not despise them, do not persecute or ridicule them; certainly, do not beat or kill them. Allow them, as well as those with a contrary view, to speak freely. Do not use the law to prevent others from practicing their religion. (Mormon polygamy was a rare governmental exception.)

Young man moving away hands showing refusal and denial

Europe is now a morass of secular states. Beautiful cathedrals sit empty. God and morality are ignored if not opposed. In America, secular humanism is becoming the dominant “religion” or religion-substitute. The fervor with which the secularists seek converts rivals Jehovah's Witnesses. They use law and law enforcement to coerce everyone to conform to their anti-religious expressions and anti-God tenets. They object to any practice of religion, prayer, for example, or any mention of God, except as a swear word, outside of church buildings. They have redefined gender from what biology clearly declares to whatever people decide to feel like. They have redefined marriage from what God had defined as one man for one woman for life.

Group Of people socializing after meeting

Christianity, however, is not true Christianity unless it engages the world. Jesus commands, “make disciples of all nations” and “proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.” Christians are to be “the light of the world” and “the salt of the earth.” Light needs to be visible in order to expel darkness and give light to all. Salt cannot act as a preservative or enhance taste as long as it stays in the box. In the marketplace is the place to practice both the first and greatest and the second greatest commandments, love God with all you have and are, and love your neighbor as yourself. The world has a sin problem and is lost. Jesus Christ is its only hope for redemption. Christians are to show sin to be sin, oppose sin, and love and try to convert the sinner.

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Family is the foundation of a civilized society, and biblical sexual morality is the foundation of the family. Children raised under the influence of both a mother and a father are proven much more likely to become productive citizens rather than a burden on society. An indifferent attitude toward promiscuous sex results in older males taking advantage of younger females, in children having children, and children raised in one-parent homes, all of which has been determined to be detrimental to society.

Christianity is the root of western civilization. Democracy requires an honest and intelligent people for it to work. It needs people of integrity who value human life and who honor others, not as marks to be financially exploited or sex objects to be used and cast aside, but as beings made in the image of God, to be loved, helped, and introduced to Jesus.

Cecil May Jr., Dean Emeritus Biblical Studies, Faulkner University

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