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Nobel title

Article about Grefor Mendel, the father of modern genetics.

Gregor Mendel

“Jesus appeared to the disciples after the resurrection in various forms. He appeared to Mary Magdalene so that they might take him for a gardener. Very ingeniously this manifestation of Jesus is to our minds difficult to penetrate. (He appears) as a gardener. The gardener plants seedlings in prepared soil. The soil must exert a physical and chemical influence so the seed of the plant can grow. Yet this is not sufficient. The warmth and light of the sun must be added, together with rain, in order that growth may result. The seed of supernatural life, of sanctifying grace, cleanses from sin, so preparing the soul of man, and man must seek to preserve this life by his good works. He still needs the supernatural food, the body of the Lord, which received continually, develops and brings to the completion of the spiritual life. So natural and supernatural must unite to the realization of the holiness to the people.”

“Man must contribute his minimum work of toil and God gives the growth. Truly, the seed, the talent, the grace of God is there, and man has simply to work, take the seeds to bring them to the bankers so that we ‘may have life and abundantly.’ ”

Mendel also was a Augustinian friar, and the above was taken from an Easter sermon which he delivered. There have been many outstanding scientists who were leaders in their church or faith. That is true today, and it has been true throughout history.

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