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Darwin's Secret Sex Problem

by F. LaGard Smith, Westbow Press, © 2018,
325 pages, $24.95 (paperback), ISBN-13: 978-1-9736-1706-8

The cover of Darwin's Secret Sex Problem

You might think that this book is a sordid review of Charles Darwin's personal life, but all you have to do is to read the subtitle to find out what the book is really about, “Exposing Evolution's Fatal Flaw — The Origin of Sex.” In the acknowledgement Smith writes, “The thesis of this book is that an essential feature of Darwinian evolution — the origin of sex — is being overlooked, a feature which fatally undermines today's orthodox scientific paradigm of a natural progression from microbe to man.” This is not a fundamentalist rant written by a poorly informed religious person. Smith explains the scientific issues clearly and with humor. The book contains 355 quotes from the leading evolutionists and scientists of our day. The thoroughness of Smith's case is remarkable and makes this book unique.

The book is divided into four parts. “Millions of Missing Sex Links” explores how much is missing in the hardware that is necessary for sexual reproduction to occur. How can you have symbiotic relationships if participants evolve independently? The cooperative nature of a penis and a vagina by a chance process is explored and coevolution is shown to be unworkable and answers from evolutionists are inadequate.

“The Gap Evolution Couldn't Possibly Jump” deals with problems of mitosis and meiosis, and debunks the classic explanation in modern evolutionary biology books. Part three is titled “Evolutionary Sex in the Bigger Picture” and deals with the inadequacy of natural selection to explain the huge transitions involved in explaining changes from asexual to sexual reproduction.

The final part “The Futility of Commingling Evolution and Creation” attacks theistic evolution which Smith calls “evolutionary creationism.” Not taking the Genesis account as historically correct is denying the very inspiration of Scripture according to Smith.

We recommend this book to the educated reader who understands the science involved, and knows something of the religious objections to evolution. The book is reader friendly. There is a glossary of terms, and each chapter has a summary and an open-ended question to be considered. Smith writes with humor and understands the Bible and the scientific issues very well. You will learn from this book, no matter what your belief system is.