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The Grand Canyon: Monument to an Ancient Earth

Carol Hill, Gregg Davidson, Wayne Ranney & Tim Helble, editors,
KregelPublications, © 2016,
240 pages, $19.00 (paperback), ISBN-13: 978-0-8254-4421-0

The cover of Making Sense of God

For the past 40 years, we have periodically conducted a week-long tour of the Grand Canyon area to show that the Grand Canyon is a great demonstration of God's wisdom and design, but is not a product of Noah's flood. Some dispensational denominational teachers have attempted to use the Grand Canyon as a support of their denominational beliefs, and the museums and the Noah's Ark construction in Kentucky have been major tools of this denominational teaching. We have been urged to write a book explaining why this denominational teaching is incorrect, but we have not had the resources to do so. Now a book has been written that does this. The subtitle of the book is “Can Noah's Flood Explain the Grand Canyon?”

This book is part of a series of lectures called “Solid Rock Lectures — Earth as God's Creation.” The authors are believers, but they also are scientists, most with degrees in geology. The book was supported by the American Scientific Affiliation which is an organization of people with science degrees who are believers in God. The book is large (8½ x 11½ inches) with many four-color pictures and charts. It is attractive enough to be a good coffee-table book.

The book is divided into five parts with each part having many chapters. The first part introduces the readers to flood geology and explains the biblical problems associated with that view. The contrast between flood geology and modern geology is also presented. Part two is titled “How Geology Works” and is a description of how geologists reach their conclusions. This includes dating and the assumptions involved by both modern geology and flood geology. Part three discusses fossils, and part four deals with the carving of the canyon. Throughout the book, the weaknesses of flood geology are presented with the last part delivering a conclusion about flood geology and why it cannot be accepted biblically or scientifically.

Those who have been with us on our Canyonlands trips will find this book a great review of what we tried to present. The book avoids denominational names and thus will not be offensive to those who are part of denominations that espouse flood geology to back their creeds. We recommend this book.