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Nobel title

Ernst Boris Chain, Noble Prize Winner

Ernst Boris Chain

“The principle of [divine] purpose stares … the biologist in the face wherever he looks …. The probability for such an event as the origin of DNA molecules to have occurred by sheer chance is just too small to be seriously considered.”

“There are many ways in which people are made aware of their power to believe in the supremacy of Divine guidance and power: through music or visual art, some event or experience decisively influencing their life, looking through a microscope or telescope, or just by looking at the miraculous manifestations of purposefulness of nature.”

“Any speculation and conclusions pertaining to human behavior drawn on the basis of Darwinian evolutionary theories … must be treated with the greatest caution and reserve.” “A less discriminating section of the public may enjoy reading about comparisons between the behavior of apes and man, but this approach — which by the way is neither new nor original — does not really lead us very far.” “Apes after all, unlike man, have not produced great prophets, philosophers, mathematicians, writers, poets, composers, painters, and scientists. They are not inspired by the divine spark which manifests itself so evidently in the spiritual creation of man and which differentiates man from animals.”

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