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Volume 44, Number 1, First Quarter 2017

(January, February, March 2017)

This journal is a part of a program of service titled Does God Exist? The purpose of the program is to provide thinking, seeking people with scientific evidence that God does exist and that the Bible is His Word. It is our conviction that all men can logically, and rationally believe in God. In addition to this quarterly journal, the Does God Exist? program offers DVDs, CDs, courses, books, and other materials. These materials are offered on a loan basis or at our cost. We also are more than willing to correspond with you and answer any specific question(s) you might have. If you would like further information on borrowing or purchasing these materials, we would be glad to send it to you.

Send request to: Does God Exist?, PO Box 2704, South Bend, IN 46680-2704.

speakerFor the visually impaired we are providing an audio version of our journal online. The journal is read by John Clayton. With this link we are allowing more access to this benefit. The files are about one hour in length. To listen just click on the icon.

This issue of the Does God Exist? bulletin is available as a PDF file. If you would like the PDF file in a booklet form, so that you can print it on both sides of a sheet of paper and form a booklet, please e-mail us at marcusen@michiana.org and request the PDF booklet for this month. You will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to read these files.

Our journal cover for the 1st quarter issue for 2017 has a picture of the Crab Nebula.

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DOES GOD EXIST? has a new website featuring updates of news called "DOES GOD EXIST? TODAY." The first articles have been posted. We invite you to follow it in the coming days as it develops. http://doesgodexist.today/

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Cover photo: NASA, ESA, J. Hester, A. Loll (ASU)