Evolution As Dogma
by Phillip E. Johnson, with responses from William Provine,
Gareth Nelson, Irving Kristol, Thomas Jukes, and Matthew Berke
Available for $5.00 from Haughton Publishing Co.
P.O. Box 180218, Dallas, TX 75218-0218, 1990, 37 pages

Phillip Johnson is a law professor who has been an active critic of evolution. His most basic complaint has been that the way evolution is taught in America's public schools amounts to governmental establishment of a religious viewpoint. This little booklet contains an essay by Johnson attempting to show that naturalistic evolution represents a belief system, and showing how militant evolutionists have been in promoting their beliefs. In his 17 pages, Johnson does not really deal with much scientific evidence, but shows how the controversy has been approached by evolutionists. The five responses to Johnson are openly hostile but do not deal with evidence much more than Johnson did. The responses are atheistic and attempt to denigrate Johnson's understanding of evolution.

This is a useful book historically and it does a good job of giving some insight into how evolutionists think. There is very little that would help anyone understand any scientific evidence. We believe it is of marginal usefulness.

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