"We Rolled a Stone"
by Leonard C. Waggoner

The three of us were reared on the prairies of West Texas. Arriving in Utah after crossing the Colorado Rockies, we decided we were seasoned mountain men. So, one afternoon, we decided to climb to the summit of a saw-toothed mount in the Wasatch range. Slowly and painfully, we climbed...and without mishap.

Being young and inexperienced, we threw caution to the wind. Near the summit was a large round stone precariously near the edge of the precipice that weighed not less than two tons. By using pry poles, we easily dislodged the stone...and watched it...roll slowly at first, then gather momentum rapidly. In as much as we were well above the timber line, there was nothing to impede its downward progress.

Faster and faster it rolled until soon it bounced into the trees below us. The pine trees snapped off like so many toothpicks--and the stone kept rolling. Many times it bounced as high as 50 feet into the air, each time coming to earth only to destroy some more trees. The stone was now out of our sight, but we heard the terrific echoes resounding from the canyon floor as it finally came to rest.

The next day on our descent, we traveled the canyon way, and we saw the stone--and the trail of ruined and destroyed and marred trees it had left. Also near the canyon floor, the huge stone had caused an avalanche of smaller stones.

Then we were frightened! What if there had been men in that canyon yesterday! What if today someone had loosened such a stone above us! Look at the timber we had foolishly destroyed... unthinkingly, and had we tried we could have never stopped that stone!

Yesterday, in anger, I said a word...slowly at first it started and its first effects were not very harmful perhaps, but today it has caused an avalanche and I can never recall that word.

Yesterday, I repeated a rumor about a friend, and today a dozen hearts are scarred.

Yesterday, I committed an ungodly deed, and though I felt that none would suffer, today innumerable people are wounded because of it....and I cannot recall that deed.

Yesterday, I had a thought to do evil...to hurt an acquaintance...and I kept that thought to myself...and today no one is hurt....for today I feel differently and with God's help I have overcome evil with good.

God help me to never roll another stone that will injure my brother or my fellowman...ever!

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