By Robert Philbin, Inside Out Educational Services,
PO Box 718, Trinidad, CO 81082, 1997, 126 pages,
$12.96 plus $2.00 S/H

This book is "to parents who love their children enough to spend time learning to love what their children love." It is a resource for home schoolers and parents wanting solid educational activities to do with their children that teach and instill a love for learning.

This 126 page book begins with a short discussion of the philosophy and importance of science education, and then discusses scientific method and techniques. It then gives simple, easy, non-equipment based activities involving all basic scientific disciplines. The book closes with a 20 page resource listing for further activity.

This is not a Bible or religious book. It is a book that is wholesome and positive from a religious and moral perspective, but it would be acceptable in a public school. We review it because we get so many letters asking about how homeschoolers can teach good science, how a science fair or research problem for children can be found, and how elementary teachers can do labs in their classes. This is a good book in all these areas.

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