By Steve Singleton, Lions for Christ,
1813 Monroe, Commerce, TX 75428, 1996,
35 pages, $5.95 postage paid

As we approach the year 2000, we see more and more books, tracts, TV programs, sermons, and computer messages telling us the world is about to end. The most quoted books of the Bible for all of these are Daniel and Revelation, and most of what is written violates the context and basic message of these books.

Steve Singleton has released a book which challenges much of the nonsense circulated in this area of concern. This highly documented little book begins by giving the reader an overview of Revelation 13:18 and what the context and purpose of the book of Revelation is. Singleton then studies the Greek in Revelation and explores various solutions to the number 666 and to the "Mark" of Revelation 13:16-18. Solutions like Domitian, Nero, and/or Caesar using "Gematria--a way of making name riddles by assigning numbers to letters in a person's name--is discussed in a positive light. The same technique being used for Satan, a Pope, Martin Luther, Louis XIV, Napoleon, Hitler, Ronald Reagan, Barney, television, Bill Gates, or bar codes is shown to be an unworkable solution.

Singleton does not offer an unquestionable solution to the 666 riddle, but does correctly point us to Christ as the solution to whatever threats there are to us from Satan. The book has Gematria charts for Greek, Hebrew, and Latin, plus a host of sources and notes for those interested in this issue. It is useful and helpful for this purpose, and we recommend it.

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