The Visitor

by Helen McLoud, Lebanon, TN

Last night a man knocked at my door. I had known him a long time and always liked him. I invited him to stay for dinner, and he accepted.

I wanted my children to get to know him better, so I excused myself to prepare the meal and left them to visit together.

He told them some funny stories and they laughed a lot. His voice became softer and more serious. I could hear enough to tell he was teaching them a lesson about safety, and I was glad to see them so interested.

Then I began to hear him use a few words that surprised me. I did not like my children exposed to that kind of language, but I didn't say anything.

All through the meal he kept them entertained, but his vocabulary became more filthy with each story. He didn't seem at all concerned that his audience was my three precious children.

I was getting a little upset, so after we finished our meal, I told the children to get their homework while I did the dishes. They stayed busy at their books for awhile but then I noticed they were all listening to my friend again. He was keeping his voice quite low, but I strained to hear. He was telling them a very dirty joke--with the most graphic details--about sex!

I was shocked! How could he have insulted our friendship like that! I sent the children to bed immediately. Then I stood there, glaring at him. He neither apologized nor explained--he just kept talking to me as if nothing had happened.

So, I asked him to leave, but as he walked out the door, I smiled and said, "won't you come back tomorrow?"

Would you have done that? My friend's name was T.V.

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