A Strong Delusion: Confronting the "Gay Christian" Movement

by Joe Dallas,
Harvest House Publishers,
Eugene, OR 97402
1996, 245 pages

One of the major issues of today's world is the issue of homosexuality. Rarely do our newspapers not have an article about lesbian problems or gay bashing, and talk shows seem to carry an endless stream of kangaroo court-type inquisitions of those who maintain that there is a biblical objection to homosexuality. One predictable development in all of this has been the appearance of "gay churches" and apologists who argue that the Bible supports or at least condones homosexuality.

This book is subtitled Confronting the "Gay Christian" Movement. The author was a homosexual himself who states that the book's purpose is to "equip the servant of the Lord" to reach out to people struggling with problems related to this issue.

Dallas begins by telling his own story and his involvement with a gay church. He documents how strong the "gay Christian" movement is and how vital the issue is.

After discussing modern psychiatric views of homosexuality and their consequences, Dallas gives a documented historical treatment of the gay rights movement from 1950 on. This is followed by a development of pro-gay theology. Issues like social justice and the nature of homosexuality are presented and answered in a thorough way. Religious and biblical arguments are presented and refuted, and a general approach to proponents of gay theology is suggested.

This is a useful book. It is brief, well documented, and easy to use. Since it is written by a man who was gay himself, the approach is practical and complete. Those dealing with the gay issue need to secure a copy.

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