Crossword Puzzle


1. Citizen's band (abbrev.)
3. Place for experiments
5. An object the size of a solar system, which gives off as much light as a galaxy
9. Number of planets in our solar system
10. An individual after Jesus' day who sought knowledge
11. Egyptian sun-god
13. Well known country music star (__ a r __ __)
14. Gas superman was allergic to (symbol)
15. Urban Heat Island (abbrev.)
16. Allow
19. Load carried by military rocket
21. Hydrogen originated device described in Genesis 1:14-15
22. Opposes
23. Unique product of design described in Genesis 1:10-31
26. Distance up
27. I am (contraction)
28. Yukon territory (abbrev.)


1. Copper (chemical symbol)
2. Big _______
4. _________ hole
5. Building block of electric charge
6. Point where all physical laws cease to exist
7. An additional one of the same kind
8. First Hebrew word in the Bible
12. Curved path
17. Some things to invest savings in
18. Prefix meaning constant (equal)
19. Term used to describe a set of galaxies moving in space
20. Eager
24. Ready
25. Extra-terrestrial (abbrev.)
26. I ____ (Definition of God)

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