Does God Exist? Christian Evidences Course

The following is the on-line version of one of two correspondence courses offered by the Does God Exist? organization.  The course is written by John N. Clayton, a former atheist.  He came to believe in the Bible as God's Word through his attempts to show it scientifically incorrect.  Mr. Clayton is a public school teacher of physics and the earth sciences.  He is a graduate of Indiana University (B.S., M.S.) and University of Notre Dame (M.S.).

This course is the "Intermediate" course written at a college freshman level.  The objective of this course is to:  (1) provide a foundation that will meet naturalistic and atheistic teachings; (2) provide up-to-date, logical, and factual data so that students can answer questions that tend to disturb them in trying to deal with their friends and the world in which they live; and (3) provide teachers with a wide-range, accurate, open-ended method of teaching this area of great concern.  A complete teacher's guide is available.

This course was place on-line in order to facilitate a wider and easier access to the course.  Here is how it works: Each of thirteen lessons is listed below.  Starting with lesson 1, read the required materials (all materials are provided on-line) and then answer the question sheet provided with each lesson.  The easiest way to do this is copy and paste the questions to a word processing program (Word, WordPerfect, Notepad, etc.).  Once you finish answering the questions, e-mail the questions/answers to John N. Clayton as a text e-mail, NOT as an attachment or HTML format.  We will not accept any email containing attachments.  Leave spaces between each question and answer.  The answers will be graded and commented on and returned to you.  Then you may proceed to the next lesson.

This course was placed on-line by Darrick Dean with the permission of the Does God Exist? organization.  All course materials © John N. Clayton.  Go to the Does God Exist? Web site for more information on the organization, for a catalog of materials or if you wish to take the hard (paper) copy of this course.  Report any technical mistakes or errors with the pages here.

Does God Exist? On-line Christian Evidences Correspondence Course

1. The Cosmos:  A Proof of God's Existence
2. The Source:  Design or Chance?
3. Which God are We Talking About?
4. What is God?
5. What is Man?
6. Why Did God Create Man?
7. How Did God Create Man?
8. When Did God Create Man?
9. The History of the Earth
10. The History of Man
11. Morality and God's Plan for Man's Needs
12. The Logic of the Church
13. What About Me?

Supplemental Materials

1. Why I Left Atheism
2. The Problem of Human Suffering
3. A Help in Understanding What God Is
4. Who Created God?

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