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Hebrew Definitions

Hebrew word Hebrew Definition Hebrew word Hebrew Definition
asah to do, make (applies to man or God — reworking existing material) neqebah a female
adam a man, human being oklah what is eaten, food
badal to separate oph fowl
bara to prepare, form, fashion, create (applies only to God. Fiat creation — a miracle) or light (Genesis 1:3, 4, 4, 5, 18) (See maor not used here)
barak to declare blessed or to cause or give light (Genesis 1:15, 17)
behemah cattle, beast oth a sign
bohu emptiness panim face
boqer morning parah to be fruitful
chai living, alive, lively peri fruit (angiosperm, see zera)
chaiyah living being qadesh to separate, set apart
chaiyah, cheva a living creature qaton little, small, young
chamishshi, chamishi fifth qavah to be gathered, bound together
choshek darkness raah to be seen
dagah fish rabah to be many, abundant
dasha to cause to yield tender grass rachaph to move, shake
demuth likeness radah to rule (be responsible for)
deshe tender grass (lichen, algae, etc.) raqia expanse (interface — zone of change)
echad one, first rebii fourth
elohim God (plural — implies power of God) remes a creeping creature, close to the earth (sheep, goats, smaller mammals — Jews could eat them)
ereb evening reshith first, former (absolute beginning point)
erets earth, land (refers to functional planet — 648 uses in O. T.) ruach Spirit, wind
eseb herb (naked seed — fern — gymnosperm) shabath to cease, rest, keep sabbath
ets a tree, wood, timber, stick shamayim heavens, (heaved up things referring to space)
gadol great shanah a year, repetition (identifiable cycles)
hinneh see sharats to swarm
kabash to subdue shebii seventh
kakab a star shelishi third
kalah to be completed, finished sheni second, other, again
kanaph a wing (as covering and protecting) sherets a teeming thing (implies a group of animals — all kinds)
layelah, layil night shishshi sixth
male (Eng. fill) to fill, complete (not to refill) tachath under, beneath
male (Eng. replenish) to fill, be full tannin a great sea monster (implies any great sea creature)
maor light giver (or light holder) tavek middle, midst
mashal to rule tehom deep place, the deep (sea)
maqom a place of standing (or bowl) tob good
mayim waters, water tohu a ruin, vacancy (implies there was some thing to vacate)
melakah work tsaba host, warfare, service
memsheleth rule, dominion tselem image (likeness of some kind)
meod might, very uph to fly
min kind (broad term not equal to the scientific word species.  See 1 Corinthians 15:39 — same idea in Greek is broutht out in kind) yabbashah a dry place (as opposed to land that was not dry — swampy, under water)
miqveh collection yam sea, lake, pool
moed an appointed time or season yereq green herb, greenness
nathan to give yom day (or time, forever, etc.  See Deuteronomy 10:10)
nephesh (Eng. life) living (or life) breath zakar male
nephesh (Eng. creature) breathing creature zera seed, seed time, progeny (true seed plant — angiosperm)