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We offer two different courses — the Basic Course is written at a 4.8 grade level and the Intermediate Course at a college freshman level. The objectives of these courses are (1) to provide a foundation that will refute atheism and deal with challenges to faith; (2) to provide up-to-date, logical, factual data so that students can answer questions that tend to disturb them in trying to deal with their friends and the world in which they live; and (3) to provide teachers with a wide-range, accurate, open-ended method of teaching this area of great concern. Student booklets and work sheets (basic set — $3.00 or intermediate set — $4.00) and a complete Teacher's Guide (either course — $5.00 each) are available.

Basic Course Intermediate Course
1 God's Creation 1 The Cosmos — A Proof of God's Existence
2 The Theories You Learned in School 2 The Source — Design or Chance?
3 UFOs, Ancient Astronauts, and the Bermuda Triangle 3 Which God are We Talking About?
4 The Bible — God's Perfect Book 4 What is God?
5 The Bible — The Perfect Plan for Man 5 What is Man?
6 How Do We Know that God Created the Earth and All Living Things on It? 6 Why Did God Create Man?
7 Evolution — God's Plan for Life's Survival 7 How Did God Create Man?
8 Man's Distortion of God's Design for Life's Ability to Change 8 When Did God Create Man?
9 How Do We Know the Theory of Evolution is Wrong? 9 The History of the Earth
10 How Do We Know We Didn't Come from an Ape-Like Ancestor? 10 The History of Man
11 How Do We Know Genesis Is Right? 11 Morality and God's Plan for Man's Needs
12 How Does God Do Things? 12 The Logic of the Church
13 How Do We Know Jesus Is the Answer? 13 What About Me?
Supplemental booklets include
Why I Left Atheism
The Problem of Human Suffering
A Help in Understanding What God Is
Who Created God?
Appendix A (PDF)
Appendix B (PDF)

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