The Bible Answer Book

by Hank Hanegraaff,
J. Countryman Division of the Thomas Nelson Book Group,
Nashville, ISBN 0-8499-9544-2, 2004, 304 pages, Hardback $14.99.

Hank Hanegraaff is the director of the Christian Research Institute International, a Baptist-oriented group that fights cults, other religious groups, and offers a wide-based attack on atheism. We have taken their materials over the years, and while we have some differences with their doctrinal position, their work in opposing cults has been especially useful. Hanegraaff has a staff that does good research and his approach is very biblical on most issues. This little book (it is 4 inches wide and six inches tall) tackles 80 fairly common questions on a very wide range of subjects. The questions are posed and then two or three pages are given to answering each question.

When this book approaches apologetic questions, it does very well. There are only five pretty superficial questions on evolution and two questions on creation so it is not of much use there. There are many more questions about the proofs of Jesus being the son of God, the falseness of cults, and alternative world religions which are more useful. Questions about moral issues are very well done, and there are many of them. The book is very fair and open and gives some intelligent answers on questions about halloween, Christmas, and the afterlife. When doctrine gets into the discussion, there are some questions that become very doubtful. Hanegraaff takes a "once-saved/ always saved" position, denies any real importance to obedience, and has some questionable views about Satan. He misses the point in his approach to cloning and has some shallow answers to other questions due to limited space.

Overall, this is a useful book. It is worth reading and will give you some approaches and views that you do not ordinarily see. It does not have all the answers to the challenges Christians face from skeptics and associates in our confused age, but it certainly has some of them.

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