One Nation Under Gods

by Richard Abanes,
Four Walls Eight Windows Publishing,
New York and London.
ISBN 1-56858-219-6, 2002, 651 pages

One of the things we try to do in this journal is to make our readers aware of cult and extremist materials and expose materials from all sorts of sources both religious and atheist. There are a number of cult and pseudo cult materials out in the world, and we have reviewed a considerable amount of their material in the past. This book of the month is a book that goes deeply into the history and mechanics of the Mormon church.

Richard Abanes has provided an exhaustive historical review of what the Mormon church has been about over the years. It is obvious that Abanes and Sandra Tanner, a close relative of Bringham Young and an ex-Mormon, will bring some strong reaction from the Mormons. Tanner distributes large amounts of information about the Mormon church. Her address is Utah Lighthouse Ministry, PO Box 1884, Salt Lake City, Utah 84110 (

The Mormon church has a very sordid and cult-type history. Abanes documents this in detail, showing how racial hatred and polygamy was managed, how much of the Mormon church's history was financially motivated, and a great deal of history about the violence that has dominated Mormon history. This is a historical work, and is well documented and explicit in its content. We recommend the book for the purpose of understanding the Mormon church and its history. It would be especially useful to someone who has a family member being pressured by the Mormons.

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