Loving a Prodigal
 by H. Norman Wright, Chariot Victor Publications, 1999, 233 pages

One of the arguments we make in this journal for the validity of the Christian system is that it offers the best possible way to live. We argue that the Bible's teaching about family, the relationship of man and wife, and the relationship of children to the family unit is the best available. All of that is well and good, but what do you do when a child deliberately rejects Christ and God's plan for sex, marriage, family, and relationships? This question becomes even more of a problem when the child's world collapses on them as promiscuity, homosexuality, drugs, alcohol, and abuse reap their toll. When the child comes home and wants help, what do you do to help him/her without becoming an enabler?

Norman Wright is a professor at the Talbot School of Theology and Biola University. He writes well and is totally open and practical in what he says. Those of us who have struggled with rebellious kids know that one problem we have is that the experts generally do not live in the real world. Wright avoids this pitfall. He handles things like guilt, the responses of others, internal family problems, forgiveness, and control. His suggestions are generally things that you can do and are things that make sense.

This is not an apologetic book, nor is it a book on morality or church discipline. It is a practical guide for people dealing with a child who is out of control The book gives examples of how parents should handle various situations, including what to say. The book uses Scripture and offers biblical solutions, but it is more a practical guide than a theological work.

We recommend this book to parents who are hurting, frustrated, lost, frantic, and/or confused. We believe it will help. It is not a book for a Bible study group, but would be useful in a support group.

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