Book Review title

First Century Truth for a Twenty-First Century World
by David Gibson,, 2011, 215 pages,
$19.99 (paperback), ISBN-13: 978-1-4653-3538-8

book cover We live in a world that not only has a difficult time understanding the nature of God and the evidence that God exists, but also struggles with religious authority. We have dedicated a number of pages in this journal to the fact that people are confused about the Bible and struggle with good answers to the flood of material on atheist and extreme religious websites making claims that are not true. How do we know the Bible is true? How do we know we have the right Bible? How do we know that the books in the Bible are the right ones? What about the apocryphal books, the Book of Mormon, oral tradition, and the Bible? How do we go about restoring faith in Christianity in the twenty-first century?

David Gibson has taught classes on these subjects at Texas A & M-Commerce, and has presented public seminars on these subjects for some forty years. This book is a product of his preparation for those classes and seminars. It is divided into 13 chapters which begin with the need to have a common standard to make religious decisions. It deals with the question of how we got the Bible and how we know  we have the right books. It looks at how Godís communication with man has changed throughout history. There are separate chapters on the role of miracles, Catholicism, subjectivism, Mormonism, and a guide as to how we should make decisions in religion.

This book is not about the existence of God, but about reasonable theology and how and why the Bible should be understood in todayís world. Those struggling with religious pluralism and the credibility of the Bible will find it very useful. All readers will find the wide range of topics and the clear and organized study helpful.

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