New Edition Available: The Source Design or Chance?

Book coverIn 1968 when the Does God Exist? program began, we attempted to get our ideas and material into a book that we could loan to students or make available to adults at a low cost ($3.00 at that time). The book dealt with cosmology, evolution, the nature of God, which God is real, and all the issues we try to deal with in our lecture programs and seminars. This book has been revised four times with major sections added each time it was revised. We have just finished a new version of the book which is completely different than the old editions, and has been further strengthened by our friend and coworker Nils Jansma who helped write sections and document material that I felt I needed help with. This version of the book is written at a significantly higher level than the previous editions which were at an 8th grade reading level. Unlike our previous editions which we had produced ourselves, this version of The Source: Creation--Eternal Design or Infinite Accident? has been printed by Howard Publishing and will be sold in hardback form through bookstores with a retail price of $19.95. Howard Publishing has printed a paperback version for us to use which we will make available in the same way we have the previous editions for our cost which will be $6.00 ppd. You can order either hardback or paperback versions from us by using the form on page 31. The book may also be borrowed using this form.


 The Source: Creation--Eternal Design or Infinite Accident?

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