Show Me God

by Fred Heeren, Searchlight, 326 S Wille Ave,
Wheeling, IL 60090, ph: 708/541-5200

The most fundamental premise of the Does God Exist? work is that science and faith are symbiotic in nature. We claim that science supports faith and that faith is fundamental to science. We argue that you can know and should know why you believe what you believe. This book is a very useful source to support those things which we believe are fundamental to our work. This book attempts to accomplish its title's request through science.

After establishing the reason for the book's existence to skeptics and believers, the author presents a fictitious story about SETI discovering alien radio broadcasts and finding they were sending Genesis 1: 1 in Hebrew. Heeren then makes a first-cause argument for God's existence. Working logically from the nature of God and the Big Bang, he shows the evidence for god's existence cosmologically. He also makes a design argument drawing from Hugh Ross and some statistical arguments.

Heeren's style and writing is useful and interesting. He gives a mock debate off and on in the book with a skeptical editor and then, with outstanding scientists-including Robert Jastrow, Arno Penzia, Stephen Hawking, Robert Gange, James Truran, Alan Guth, and others. The discussions are brief, but useful. Heeren also highlights what he calls "Shocking Summary Statements and Stimulating Conversation Starters." Many of these are quotes of well-known people in all kinds of different disciplines. There is also a useful section on the beliefs of famous scientists in the past who were strong Christians.

We recommend this book highly. It is not a creationist writing in the tradition of millennial creationist groups, and in fact, Heeren does not endorse a young earth. It is a factual, up-to-date, positive persuasive book to promote belief in God and in the Bible and, while it may be considered pushy by some, it is hard to ignore its message.

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