Announcing Two New Books

All He Needs for Heaven by Jim McDoniel

Over the years we have had a number of books about Christians overcoming great handicaps, and then not only building successful lives, but using their experiences to help others.  This is the story of a family that had a baby born with no arms.  It deals with their experiences, what they have learned, and how something like this fits into the concept of a loving God who wants the best for his children.  Like our other books in this series, this book dispels a lot of mistaken ideas and offers real help both spiritually and physically.  Our other books in this series include our story of our son Tim born with multiple disabilities, Judy Hines' story of dealing with cancer.  Ralph Scott's story of suddenly having life-long debilitation due to polio, Phyllis Clayton's story of over 50 years with insulin-dependent diabetes, and Steve Williams' discussion of Pain and Suffering from a biblical standpoint.

Dandy Designs, Volume 4

For nearly 40 years we have had a column called "Dandy Designs" in this publication.  These examples of design in nature that suggest an intelligence behind the creation have been bound in books that have the same title.  Our fourth volume of this series is now available, containing design material from this journal since the year 2000.

To order either or both of these books or any of the other books mentioned, please print this page and mail to the address below.  Like all of our materials, these books can be borrowed or purchased at cost.  Or go to our online Catalog to see other materials that we have.

Mail to Does God Exist?, PO BOX 2704, South Bend, IN 46680-2704

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___ All He Needs for Heaven by Jim McDoniel @$3.50 ea. ppd.

___ All 6 books listed above in paragraph 1 @ $12.00 ppd.

___ Dandy Designs Volume 4 (2001-2006) @3.00 ppd.

___ All 4 volumes of Dandy Designs (1974-2006) @$10.00 ppd.



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