Our Universe: Accident or Design?

by David L. Block, Starwatch, South Africa 60515
(available from Reasons to Believe, P.O. Box 5978
Pasadena, CA 91117) 1992, 40 pages

If you are looking for a flashy 8" x 12" glossy, colorful, short, general argument for design, we have a great book for you This book is a glossy 4-color volume that gets your attention. Block discusses the immensity of the universe, the minuteness of man, and the evidences of design. His conclusion is that man's self-awareness and the improbability of the cosmos make God's existence a necessity for a scientifically-aware person.

The amazing thing about this book is how much material is crammed into 40 pages. In addition to the beautiful photographs, one finds large numbers of quotes from recognized scientists. There also is a wide coverage of topics-including the age of the cosmos, the creation of time, entropy, the anthropic principle, the big bang, the oscillating universe theory, basic forces, and ontological evidences.

The weakness of the book is its brevity. There is no development of the ideas, nor is there an attempt to anticipate arguments against Block's position. We feel this would be an excellent book to introduce a college student to evidences for God's existence. We recommend it for that purpose.

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