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Videoconference in Your Classroom

John in a conferenceRecently Eric Nyrose invited John Clayton to speak to his Old Testament Pentateuch class at Alberta Bible College, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, by a videoconference. The meeting with that class went so well that we decided to offer this opportunity to others. John Clayton can speak to your college class, high school class, mature youth group, or Bible study group to answer their questions about faith in God and the Bible and to answer the challenges of the atheists who say that science disproves God. We can set up a videoconference to allow your students to listen to John and ask him questions. There is no charge for this, and setting it up is very inexpensive. The technical requirements are: a fast computer, a high-speed Internet connection, the free Skype software and account, and a web camera and microphone. For more information about videoconferencing with John Clayton, e-mail vidcon@doesgodexist.tv and we will send you details on how to obtain and set up the equipment and then schedule a time.