Note to Student: Please answer the following questions to be graded. These questions are designed to make you think. If you get stuck and cannot answer some of the questions, just leave them blank and we will fill them in for you.

1. The Bible is unique in that it presents time as being linear instead of cyclic. What do you think this statement means?

2. How is reincarnation dependent on time being cyclic?

3. Why is it necessary for the atheist to maintain that we had no beginning?

4. Why is it necessary for the atheist to maintain that matter is uncaused?

5. A law of physics says that matter tends to move to a state of disorder or randomness in a closed system with the passage of time. If the universe had always been, would matter still have order? [    ] Yes or [    ] No.

6. Explain your answer to question 5.

7 & 8. Give two evidences shown in the lesson which suggest that we had a beginning.

9. Why is it logically difficult to believe that something can come from nothing?

10. Can you think of some reasons why we cannot believe we live in a universe that expands, collapses, expands again, collapses again forever? If so, list them below. If not, write “no” and we will provide you with some.

Optional Thinking Question:

The atheist might answer these arguments by saying "Where did God come from?" If you say God has always been, the atheist will say "Why is that any more reasonable than saying matter has always been?" How would you answer that question?

Please add any questions on this course of study that have not been answered so we can take care of any remaining ideas that are not clear in your mind.

The easiest way to complete these questions is to copy and paste the questions to a word processing program (Word, WordPerfect, Notepad, etc.). Once you finish answering the questions, e-mail the questions/answers to John N. Clayton as a text e-mail, NOT as an attachment or HTML format. We will not accept any e-mail containing attachments.  Leave spaces between each question and answer. The answers will be graded and commented on and returned to you.


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