Note to Student:  Please answer the following questions to be graded.  These questions are designed to make you think.  If you get stuck and cannot answer some of the questions, just leave them blank and we will fill them in for you.

  1. What evidence is there that all mankind is related to a single female ancestor?

  2. Why is it that man has not speciated while monkeys have? What explanation(s) exist?

  3. What evidence exists that indicates that ancient man was very intelligent?

  4. What is the difference between being ignorant and being stupid?

  5. Was the Garden of Eden a physical place or a condition of mankind? (Thinking question)

  6. Many portrayals of the evolution of man physically confuse racial variation with speciation. Explain the meaning and/or implications of this statement.

  7. What evidence is there that there may have been many children born in the Garden of Eden?

  8. Why would incest not have been a genetic problem early in man’s history?

  9. Why has man’s development accelerated so rapidly in the past 6,000 years?

  10. What is necessary to be able to confirm the accuracy of the biblical record in reference to the history of man?  

Please feel free to send along any unanswered questions you may have on the ideas involved in this lesson. We welcome your questions at any time during this course of study.

Please add any questions on this course of study that have not been answered so we can take care of any remaining ideas that are not clear in your mind.

The easiest way to complete these questions is to copy and paste the questions to a word processing program (Word, WordPerfect, Notepad, etc.).  Once you finish answering the questions, e-mail the questions/answers to John N. Clayton as a text e-mail, NOT as an attachment or HTML format.  We will not accept any e-mail containing attachments.  Leave spaces between each question and answer.  The answers will be graded and commented on and returned to you.


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